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Imported PP Strap Rolls

Key Features:

  • Manufactured in Malaysia from virgin material.
  • Japanese manufacturer one of the largest in the world.
  • Manufactured as per internal standards.
  • Very low wastage and low machine down time.
  • Low 'FLAKING' (Fiber) issue so less maintenance Suitable for leading Brands like MOSCA, TRANSPAK, FERAG, PACKWAY etc.


TYPE WIDTH THICKNESS Length Core Size Tensile Strength Elongation Net Weight

7mm +/0.05mm

0.63mm +/-0.5mm 3500m 5mm x 200 mm(ID)x 190 mm >80kgf <20% 8.05 kg +/-0.35kg

7mm +/0.05mm

0.5mm +/-0.5mm 4000m 5mm x 200 mm(ID)x 190 mm >80kgf <20% 8.41 kg +/-0.35kg
5MM ROLL 4.8mm +/0.05mm 0.47mm  +/-0.5mm 7000m 5mm x 200 mm(ID) x 190 mm >50kgf <20% 9.10 kg +/-0.7kg


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