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Shrink Wrapping Machine


  • Adopts hot air with down cyclone pressure structure.
  • Intelligent temperature control and AC variable speed regular. Both the height of tunnel and shutters on two sides are adjustable.
  • Adopts single/Double hot air blower.
  • Can be used with heat shrinkle film such as PVC, POF, P.E. etc.

            OPTIONAL: Teflon Belt conveyor for small products is available.


MODEL VOLTAGE POWER Conveyor Loading Heating Chamber Size (mm) Speed (m/min) Net Wt (Kg.) Dimension (LXWXH)mm)
2615 220V 3.5 KW 10 Kg. L260xH150 0-6 35 1200x540x660
4525 220V/380V 6.5 KW 15 Kg. 900x450x(50-250) 0-10 75 1200x610x1240
4535L 380V-3PH 9.6 KW 30 Kg. 1200x450x(50-350) 0-10 120 1600x610x1340
6535L 380V-3PH 9.6 KW 30 Kg. 1200x650x(50-350) 0-10 150 1600x850x1200
5540M-PE 380V3PH 21 KW 40 Kg. 1400x550x400 0-10 280 2470x710x1450

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