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Robot Stretch Pallet Wrapper

Key Features:

  • Self propelled machine for wrapping palletized loads of any shape, weight and size
  • Motorized pre-stretching system, adjustable from control panel upto 250%
  • Automatically set the pallet height, wrapping times adjustable
  • Adjust the pre-stretch ratio and tension via change the pre-stretch gear
  • Built in high energy gel battery, can working more than 8 Hours continuously
  • Short Battery charge time


Machine Weight : 325 kg
Built in Battery Charger : 230v 50/60Hz
Min Pallet Dimensions : 600*600mm
Min Pallet Weight : 100 Kg
Standard Pallet Height : 2000mm
Charging Time : 12 Hours
Battery Capacity working Time : 8 Hours
Battery : 100 AH (12V) X 2Pcs
Machine Weight : 320 Kg

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